Farmer Clubs

Establishment & functions of farmers Club
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dahigaon has started establishing farmers clubs from 2012 on wards & so far center has established NABARD sponsored 62 farmers clubs in KVK Dahigaon`s jurisdiction.
Who can form farmers club
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, NGOs, State Agricultural Universities,ATMA, all Institutional Agencies (Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks and Regional Rural Banks) etc are eligible to form Farmers’ Club
Steps in the formation of farmers club
1. Select a village/ cluster of villages suitable for launching clubs in the operational area of the bank branch.
2.Identify a few progressive farmers and borrowers with good track record of proper loan utilization, aptitude and capacity for team work. (Success of the Club hinges on the right choice of members).
3.Encourage the members to select a Chief Coordinator/Volunteer/President and an Associate Coordinator /Volunteer/Vice President and a Cashier. This will ensure collective leadership and continuance of the club.
4.Provide orientation training to them with the help of NABARD (Regional Office / DDM or trained officers from the bank or scientist from Krishi Vigyan Kendra) before launching.
5.Encourage members to convene monthly meeting regularly, guide them to have meaningful discussion and take necessary follow up action.
6.Motivate members to identify credit and non-credit needs, prepare a plan of action and accordingly arrange for expert talks, counseling, need-based activities, etc. with the help of Government Departments, KVKs and other agencies concerned.
7.Ensure that the members maintain Membership register, Meeting register, Minutes book and Books of accounts.
8.Evolve a performance parameter and measure the clubs’ contribution annually.
9.Bank branch can promote the clubs directly or engage Farmers’ Club promoting agencies like Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), Agriculture Universities, NGOs, Corporates,
1. Organise minimum one meeting per month and depending upon the need, there would be 2-3 meetings per month.
2.Organise needbase training programme, field days, exposure visits.
3.Interface with Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s subject matter specialists in the various fields of agriculture and allied activities, extension personnel of Agriculture Universities, Development Departments and other related. For guest lectures, even experienced farmers who are non members from the village/ neighbouring villages could be invited.
4.Liaison with Corporate input suppliers to purchase bulk inputs on behalf of members.
5.Organise joint activities like value addition, processing, collective purchase of inputs and farm produce marketing, etc.; for the benefit of members so that they can develop their own brand. They can also sponsor / organise SHGs
6.Undertake socio-economic developmental activities like community works, education, health, environment and natural resource management etc
7.Market rural produce and products
8.Coordinate with banks to ensure credit flow among its members and forge better bank borrower relationship.
Finacial support from NABARD
NABARD assistance to all agencies will uniformly be @Rs.10,000/- per club per annum for a period of 3 years irrespective of whether they are institutional or other agencies and also the region concerned.
To get more info about Farmers Clubs please contact Sachin Badadhe-9822909399