Services offered by KVK Dahigaon to farmers

Nursery- Various best quality , pest,disease free vegetables, fruits and sugarcane seedlings are supplied to farmers by the Dnyaneshwar Nursery, These seedlings are prepared under expert supervision and according Government guidelines

Vermi compost production unit-Bio Fertilizers have got lots of importance in Organic Farming. Earth worm and Vermi compost are produced for production of Bio Fertilzers .To improve employment in Rural Area Vermi Compost Producation training is organized by KVK to train rural people

Open Agriculture Education Center- To Provide Educational opportunities to the tribal, rural and marginalized people , especially to provide unemployed youth, girls for agricultural education opportunities Various agriculture courses of the Yashvantrao Chavhan Maharashtra Open University, are make  available through our Open Agriculture Education Center.
1. Foundation in Agriculture  , Duration-1 year
2. Diploma in Agro Journalism, Duration 1 year
3. Diploma in Agricultural Business Management , Duration 1 year
4. Diploma in Horticulture ,Duration 1 year

For more information of these courses, you can contact to Mr. Narayan Nibe, Center Coordinator, YCMOU, Bhende,(Mob-8805985205)

Soil and Water testing lab-Soil and water testing facility Soil and water testing facility is available with KVK at Dyaneshwar Krishi Vigyan Farm, Bhende
1.  Elements checked in soil testing are pH, Electric Conductivity(EC), Organic carban(oc), Nitrongen(N), Phosparus(P), Pottash(K), Free lime(Ca), Sodium(Na), Magnesium(M), Ferrus(fe), Manganese (Mn) , Copper(cu), Zinc(zn) In all 13 parameters are tested in soil testing
2. Water Testing pH, Electric Conductivity(EC), Sodium(Na), Calcium(ca), Magnesium(M), Potassium(k), Chloride(Cl), Carbonate, bicorbonate
*Reports delivery within 4-5 days For Soil and water testing
contact :Mr. P. S. Bahirat (Mobile-9763267432)
Program Assistant(Lab Tech.)
Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dahigaon ne,
Dyaneshwar Krishi Vigyan Farm, Bhende Bk,
Tal- Newasa, Dist- Ahmednagar

Organic fertilizers and drugs laboratory-Organic fertilizer and drugs lab is operated for management of pest and disease on various crop in biological basis, this lab is working for farmer should aware and learn Integrated nutrient management . Plan of supply nutrient to crops is also given by the lab to farmers according to test results.
SMS Service to farmers
KVK Dahigaon Provides Short Message Service to farmers in its jurisdiction in just 100 Rs/year
Experts of KVK gives weather based crop advisory, plant protection, plantation, marketing information through SMS
Training of farmers is the most important activity of KVK. Long term vocational and skill-oriented trainings are organized for farmers, farm women, rural youth and extension personnel so as to encourage them to adopt new methods of farming and increase their farm income. Farmer’s training programmes on various aspects of animal and Veterinary Sciences/Veterinary treatment and vaccination camps are organized from time to time in various villages of the KVK Dahigaon jurisdiction. These trainings programmes are organized under various disciplines depending upon the local requirement of KVK. Participation in the Trainings arranged by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra: Interested farmers may register their names with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra either personally or through Phone Or E mail for the training he /she wishes to attend. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra can also arrange an off campus training on desired topics in farmer’s village if more than 25 farmers from the same village want to participate. Special trainings can also be arranged for organizations on topics of their choice.
Farmers can have demonstrations & trials on their fields that Krishi Vigyan Kendra arranges every year.
Other Services
Farmers can request Krishi Vigyan Kendra scientists for diagnostic visits to their problematic fields for getting curative & diagnostic recommendations.
Participate in Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s other extension activities such as Kisan melas, study tours, field days by registering
Interact with the scientists at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra & get consultancy on issues related to agriculture & allied fields & information on advanced technological options